Fancy an opera in Vienna? An espresso in Rome? Soaking up the sunrise in Ibiza? Or luxury boutique hotel stay in New York? You can have it all and more by booking our 'Future Cabin Crew Workshop' today.

With our wealth of experience, and in just 8 hours, we can prepare you for interviews with airlines around the world. Our coaching workshops will ensure you have all the tools you need to succeed at the airlines’ assessment centres and conquer the interview process to ultimately lead the life you’ve always wanted.

Upcoming Workshops in Budapest

english_hun_flag_mini.jpg 'A jövő LÉGIUTAS-KÍSÉRŐINEK workshopja' 2014. May 10. 09:00-17:00 - Now open! Sign Up!

What our workshops are all about

Here, you'll find out the basic requirements you need to qualify for an interview with most airlines, as well as exact details of the material covered in each workshop



Our Story

As a kid, growing up in South Africa, Dylan spent far too many school hours day-dreaming of travelling the world. He wanted to explore exotic beaches, indulge in ethnic cuisines, meander through bustling markets and trek the globe to open his eyes to a new world. 



 A Partnership That Inspires

With a decade of experience between us, as qualified cabin crew, we are passionate about sharing our knowledge with you, developing your skills and providing you with the vital tools needed to successfully become a part of the international airline community. This is a community that will open up possibilities and a world of opportunities to you. 



 The Work We Do

We specialise in coaching our students from the very beginning of putting together a professional application to the final panel interview; we impart accurate information, skills and training to ensure our students leave the workshop with confidence, motivation and determination as well as a clearer picture of the airline industry as a whole.



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