About Us

Dylan has been flying as cabin crew for five years for a reputable European airline and continues to thrive in a dynamic and diverse career. With an Honours Degree in Social Science and TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Qualification from an internationally renowned university, Dylan is committed to sharing his knowledge and success with others, so they too, can revel in the freedom of travelling the globe and open their world to new experiences. Years of tutoring and coaching have meant Dylan is dedicated to helping you create the lifestyle you’ve always wanted and succeed.

As a qualified private pilot, Zoltan has been flying the European skies since he was a young man. He continues to do so as cabin crew for one of Europe’s most successful commercial airlines. His invaluable skills as a trained chef too, mean that he has been in customer service roles for many years. Zoltan’s experience in customer service excellence is essential to equipping students with the skills and tools they will need in working for airlines around the world. His insider’s knowledge of the industry is of incalculable value to our students whose professional development is our priority.   

Our Story

As a kid, growing up in South Africa, Dylan spent far too many school hours day-dreaming of travelling the world. He wanted to explore exotic beaches, indulge in ethnic cuisines, meander through bustling markets and trek the globe to open his eyes to a new world. So, he decided to apply to several international airlines which all promised the glamorous international life. He was successful. In the meantime, Zoltan living on an entirely different continent, and with a desire to venture out from Budapest, found himself seeking a very similar lifestyle in London. It was London that set the stage for a business partnership which is determined to make the dreams of others a reality.

A Partnership That Inspires

With a decade of experience between us, as qualified cabin crew, we are passionate about sharing our knowledge with you, developing your skills and providing you with the vital tools needed to successfully become a part of the international airline community. This is a community that will open up possibilities and a world of opportunities to you. 

If it is global travel you crave, a booming career or a grand sense of accomplishment you want, CrewCareers can give you a helping hand. Our workshops are tailor-made to effectively teach our students the fundamental skills to enable them to successfully master the airline recruitment process. In a single afternoon, our students are guaranteed to take their first steps on a journey that will take them to the four corners of the world...

The Work We Do

We specialise in coaching our students from the very beginning of putting together a professional application to the final panel interview; we impart accurate information, skills and training to ensure our students leave the workshop with confidence, motivation and determination as well as a clearer picture of the airline industry as a whole.

All our trainers are experienced cabin crew and are committed to getting you the job. If you would like to find out further information about CrewCareers then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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