Upcoming Workshops in Budapest

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Now that we’ve caught your attention, you’re obviously wanting to get the low-down on whether you even qualify for an airline interview and what our workshops can offer you. The next logical step then, is of course, to book your ‘Future Cabin Crew’ workshop with us.

So, what are those minimum requirements the majority of airlines look for? You should ideally be:

 Age 18 or over (to serve alcohol)
Ability to speak moderate level of English
Weight in Proportion to Height
Minimum height normally above 157cm
Ability to Swim
Good Eyesight and Physically fit
The right to live and work in the country in which you will be based with the airline
Ability to communicate well and work in a team
Have customer service experience


Now you’re thinking to yourself, “I got all of that, and more!”. Well, you’ve come to the right people. Go a step further and actually apply for a job as cabin crew. Don’t know how or where to even begin? Look no further.

With thousands of applications, it can be difficult to set yourself apart from the rest, so our workshops are designed to ensure you have all the tools, skills and knowledge to present yourself as a suitable candidate whom the airlines simply cannot resist offering you the job. 
Our workshops are conducted in English as you are expected to have a moderate level of the language for all international airlines. English is the language of aviation.

Is your panic attack over yet? Good. We do have trainers fluent in Hungarian in every workshop. You can relax again!   



Our ‘Future Cabin Crew’ Workshops offer you insight into 3 major areas:

1.        Your role as cabin crew

Responsibilities/Duties you can expect
The realities of the lifestyle
Types of airlines
Information about airline training on emergency procedures / safety equipment / customer service
A day in the shoes of cabin crew


2.        The Application Process

Writing a wining cover letter
Creating a compelling Curriculum Vitae (CV)


Assessment Days

Techniques for interview preparation & ways to present yourself
Insights into a typical airline assessment day
Tools & knowledge to glide through the individual assessments, group activities & the final panel interview